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We focus on the technology, so you can focus on your case.

Our Story
CaseUp was originally started at a boutique trial support and court reporting firm. When COVID-19 hit and we were faced with prolonged court shut downs, our clients and partners came to us with questions on how to best support remote depositions. Out of our efforts to deliver the best guidance to the legal community, we built the most streamlined remote depo platform available. In designing CaseUp, our central goal was to provide an experience that would be effortless and hassle free, from beginning to end.

Here's the thing. Custom solutions offered by court reporting vendors sound great on paper. But they cannot offer a 100% remote deposition in a way that’s practical, easy, requires little to no training and setup, or comes close to replicating the in-room experience. In a high stakes depo, the questioning attorney needs to focus attention on the witness, not on exhibit presentation software that looks like it was built in the 1990s.

There's a better way. CaseUp completely transforms the depo experience. Share any document, any page, any paragraph. Better yet, automatically mark and share documents just by clicking a single button. No complex software to learn, and no training required.

CaseUp is completely free to get started. We offer your first deposition at no charge, and our free plan provides unlimited storage and unlimited users at no charge. We’re excited to upgrade your remote legal experience. Contact us and we're happy to get you up and running right away.


Jeremiah Kelman

Founder and CEO, CaseUp

1925 Century Park East, Suite 1700 Los Angeles, CA 90067


What if you could gain time on the record in your depositions? How would that affect your case outcomes? Find out how CaseUp can help your practice with a free demo.